Hrvatsko Zagorje is in!

Hrvatsko Zagorje

Hrvatsko Zagorje is a green belt  Riviera surrounding the main capital Zagreb, in fact it is a pleasant 40 minutes drive away. This destination is experiencing its bloom as it records an increase in 17% of visits in the first seven months of this year with a surprising 20% increase in the numbers of overnight stays. This region has its appeal in the picturesque environment of hills, brooks and ever more popular vineyards. Adding to this, a list of impressive castles, the most famous two being that of Trakoscen and Veliki Tabor, and a stone age museum in Krapina, one can easily see why this region is growing in popularity. Also this region is famous for its spas, the most prominent one is Tuhelj and this spa in particular has attracted German and Austrian tourists and as a result has witnessed an increase of staggering 40% in the number of visits from these two countries.

What is also worth noticing is the fact that the main capital Zagreb is also experiencing its renaissance. Many tourists are opting out to extend their stay, instead of just passing trough the city on their way home. Zagreb has a rich cultural heritage with a large number of museums and apart from this the Croatian capital has an envious gastro offer. Croatia has a tremendous potential in the continental tourism as the charms of areas such as Gorski Kotar and Lika, likewise the regions of Slavonia and Baranja and Međimurje are yet to be discovered. It  is up to the marketing experts to find channels of promoting these regions some of which may find their remedy for success in these efforts as the tourism may stop the demographic outflow of young people who have decided to seek their fortune elsewhere, mainly in Germany and Ireland

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