Robin Hood : Origins filming to set off on February 20 in Dubrovnik.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood :  Origins, the first  in a trilogy is set to start its filming on February 20 in Dubrovnik Old City locations which are to replace the streets of Nottingham for a period of three weeks After successful appearance in The Game of Thrones and The Star Wars, Dubrovnik is ready for an Oscar masterpiece. The movie is directed by Otto  Bathrust and  is produced by Leonardo di Caprio, starring Jamie Foxx  and Jamie Doran of Fifty Shades of Gray.

Robin Hood will be ready for the premiere in January 2018. This is yet another boost for branding of Dubrovnik as Croatia’s most desired destination and yet a huge boost to the local economy as 1200 extras are to employed on the project, prompting even serious suggestion of investment in the movie industry by building a movie studio.

Let us hope that this movie will do well in the box office and will be an Oscar material . As much as it can be a good PR exercise for Dubrovnik city it may turn goose raspberry in the matter of PR if Robin Hood fails to perform which is highly unlikely taking into account the modern context of every  day living where there are few and few characters read Prince of Thieves , human and good natured who are fighting moral injustices of our times.

Author: Srdj Portolan : Dubrovnik  Luxury Travel, Spes Real Estate Executive

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