Srđ Portolan on #SuperBowlCroatia City Nation Place winning award in the category of the Best Social Media Awards.

Srđ Portolan

Srđ Portolan finds the idea of the City Nation Place awards brilliant as they according to Srđ Portolan words are the clever way of promoting the places and the countries through the facets of digital marketing which Srđ views as an essential tool of attracting the quality masses to the place or the country of promotion in question.

Srđ Portolan adds that what was amazing in Croatian Tourist Board Twitter #SuperBowlCroatia campaign was the marketing team witty attitude and sharpness to recognize the fact that both last season’s American Football finalists’ coaches were of Croatian origin and none of the Super Bowl tactics masterminds have ever visited Croatia. Portolan continues that it was the most natural possible solution, put forward by the National Tourist Board, was the offer by the winning team’s coach to visit Croatia.

Srđ Portolan stresses out that the usage of sport is not only the ideal in the digital world but marketing in general. The days of the CBT’s campaign slogan “Mediterranean as it once was” are long gone and if any country then it is up to Croatia to capitalize on the golden fame of its football, basketball and tennis stars to send out the message about their country’s appeal and tourist attraction concludes Srđ Portolan. Srđ tells us of endless opportunities of the likes of Marin Čilić, the winner of US Masters, or perhaps NBA basketball player, Dubrovnik native, Mario Hezonja in the promotion of Croatia. Needless to say that Croatia has a player each in the most competitive duel of the two football marketing and branding giants, that of FC Barcelona and FC Real Madrid or what could potentially be known as the #ElClassicoCroatia adds at the end Srđ Portolan.

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