Srđ Portolan tells us why Eurobasket 2015 is good for Croatia

Srđ Portolan

Srđ Portolan explains that Eurobasket 2015 which is taking place in Zagreb, Berlin, Montpellier, Lille and Riga will most definitely benefit the Croatian continental tourism in the year when Zagreb was enjoying huge increase in popularity ratings in the year 2015 tourist season. Croatia deserves to co-host the Eurobasket 2015 for the sheer fact that this country has had given to the world the best European player ever the one and only Dražen Petrović whose virtuoso American NBA career came to an abrupt end as he was killed in a car accident on a German motorway back in 1993.

Srđ Portolan does not necessarily believe that this is the only reason why Croatia must push harder for the organization of sports tournaments. Srđ adds that not only it is good for the country’s image but it is a definite economy booster. Srđ Portolan tells us that Zagreb has already become modern European city which is ideally located for short city breaks. Furthermore Srđ adds on that the construction of the new airport would definitely give Zagreb the status of a city he deserves. Srđ concludes that proximity of the picturesque town of Samobor and the proximity of the Green Riviera ( Zagorje Hills & Castles ) is an extra motive why Zagreb and Croatia have been chosen to co-host Eurobasket 2015 instead of the warn torn Ukraine.

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