Srđ Portolan explains why Libertas 4 a side football tournament is good idea for Dubrovnik.

Libertas Kup

Srđ Portolan explains that a recent move by local restaurant owners to organize a football 4 a side tournament in Lapad area of Dubrovnik is an excellent one. Srđ believes that sports attractions in general are beneficial to the development of tourism. Srđ adds on that glamor is everything in this line of business. Srđ elaborates that if you can secure an ex international football star to play footsall, then this represents an excellent PR exercise for the destination on the whole. Srđ has welcomed this initiative and has praised the organizers of Libertas 4 a side football tournaments who are making the things in the city for better. Also the Libertas Cup has found warm welcome by Dubrovnik mayor’s office. Srđ strongly believes that as far as the luxury tourism is concerned then Dubrovnik at least deserves Grand Masters tennis tournament especially as Dubrovnik is world’s top destination in the class of Monaco. Srđ Portolan insists that luxury segment requires end of the market infrastructure and what Srđ had in mind is basic infrastructure, roads, fast roads that would make Western part of Dubrovnik Riviera easily accessible once they land at Dubrovnik airport. Srđ concludes that one day perhaps Dubrovnik Grand Prix Formula road track would see the day of light.

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