Srđ Portolan on social media role in business

Srđ Portolan

Despite the fact that Srdj  Portolan was  the generation X child and not quite belonging to the generation Y, Portolan has very quickly embraced the social media and have recognized its importance in running a business in modern day and age. As in all other businesses what really matters is to get your message across be it is a product or service tells us Srdj Portolan. At the end, the message needs to be delivered to the right people adds on Srdj. I have asked Srdj what was that he meant by “the right people”. Srđ Portolan answers, people who are decision makers. Srđ reckons there is too much time being wasted on chit chats, but as long as the project goes through he does not mind it.
Srdj sees a great potential in the social networks such as Linkedin as this platform lists the right people as Srđ expressed himself. Furthermore, Srđ Portolan admits that ROI on this social is great and that his previous business attempts were fruitful. Srđ expands and tells me that in this modern day and age apart from having your own site where you can express yourself, Linkein profile is an extended arm of your business card. Srđ Portolan strongly believes that this type of social media is still untapped. I personally could not agree more. As always time factor is the best judge of them all.

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